Soapbox  I thought of calling this page "Pulpit," but I didn't think anybody would click on it.

Roses and Hope Blog  Pretty simple, really. I thought it'd be fun to have a blog that tracks the birth and progress of a new CD called "Roses And Hope."

Backstage Graffiti A monthly column I write for There are 118 of them so far. They're funny.

Sabbath Stories A year's worth of weekly radio shows aired on KOSY.FM, Salt Lake City.

Poetry  Haiku through the window. (plus archive)

Lyrics  A piece about a friend dying, and what comes next. (plus archive)

Journal Bits   A moving cliché gone horribly wrong. (plus archive)

From Plays   An entire children's play!

The Love Book   The whole doggone thing.

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(This was first published by a company called Bookcraft in 1980. Some years later it was re-titled "Love And Oranges" --um, not the company, the book. The company was re-titled "Deseret Book.")


The Love Book

by Marvin Payne

©2004 by Marvin Payne. All rights reserved, including film rights, novelization rights, cartoon rights, and recipe rights.  No part of this work may be mass reproduced by anyone, except maybe on license plates.



Recently I took on an odd little gig writing short "Sabbath Stories" and marrying them to songs of mine for broadcast on KOSY 106.5, an FM radio station in Salt Lake City. I did that weekly for a little over a year. So here are the 53 shows.

FLASH! You can get these in collections on CDs with, of course, the songs that go with them.



I thought of calling this page "Pulpit," but I didn't think anybody would click on it. (Warning: Here is where I preach.)

(the pic is me, as 85-year-old J. Golden Kimball, preaching, of course)

I'm driven by the notion that divine revelation to the children of the earth is occurring daily, that "well might a man raise his puny arm to halt the Missouri River in its decreed course as to hinder the Almighty from raining down knowledge upon the heads of the Latter-day Saints." I'm way shy of claiming any authority to represent the Heavens, or angels, or even better mortals than I. But I am, in fact, the only person who can report with any authority on what I believe about it all. So here you'll find thoughts from talks in church, lessons to little kids, ruminations from old journal entries. Who knows? Maybe I'll write something for just here!   Thanks for listening.