( a  m y s t e r y ! )

Written by Matthew the Apostle, Marvin Payne,
and the Alpine 12th Ward CTR 7 Class.

Two Angels
Three Sheep (The Feeder, The Visitor, and The Clother)
Two Goats
(Angels and Goats double as the people The Sheep are serving,
who are The Hungry Kid, The Cold Kid, and The Stranger.)


THE COMPANY stands behind the audience.

Begin Music: "When You're Kind" (minor)

This is the mystery!

coming to the front


The mystery of who was kind to Jesus.

(The following is from a one-man show called "The Planemaker," written in the mid-seventies by Guy Randle and me. It's the scene in which the old man who'd always dreamed of flying is reunited with the wife he loved and lost in his youth, the lady with yellow hair and the magic of yellow in her eyes. He had, on death's doorstep, made a marvelous plane for his grandson, who, upon receiving it, gives it back and miraculously shows his grandpa how to fly it. But now the plane has been wrenched from the old man's control by some higher power, and after blasting off through space he finds himself hurtling into the sun. The story was actually written backwards, with this scene being the first to be created. It really is a love story.)

    Slowly the broad wings and the tall tailpiece bend out behind, and the stricken dream-plane explodes into a trillion tiny drips and pieces and sweeps away behind the doomed old man, who's screaming head over heels into...
...into Yellow. Bright, fat, Yellow!