Soapbox  I thought of calling this page "Pulpit," but I didn't think anybody would click on it.

Roses and Hope Blog  Pretty simple, really. I thought it'd be fun to have a blog that tracks the birth and progress of a new CD called "Roses And Hope."

Backstage Graffiti A monthly column I write for There are 118 of them so far. They're funny.

Sabbath Stories A year's worth of weekly radio shows aired on KOSY.FM, Salt Lake City.

Poetry  Haiku through the window. (plus archive)

Lyrics  A piece about a friend dying, and what comes next. (plus archive)

Journal Bits   A moving clich√© gone horribly wrong. (plus archive)

From Plays   An entire children's play!

The Love Book   The whole doggone thing.

In Process: Check out IN THE WORKS