pmkrcass "The Planemaker" is a magical musical story designed to re-awaken childhood's dreams, played live by gifted writer, actor, and storyteller Marvin Payne.

Critically acclaimed in performances across the nation, "The Planemaker" is about a small boy, Lucas Lightbrow, who dreams that he can fly, maybe even out to the stars. Two joys consume his young life--courting lovely Amy Fletcher and building wild flying machines out of other people's junk--but his planes won't fly, and he loses Amy at the birth of their only child. Lucas sends his son to be raised by city relatives, tends his farm alone, and gets old and empty in an uncaring world. Then his mysterious grandson comes to visit, finds the forgotten planes, and brings the old man's dream to life again, sending him finally on a breathtaking celestial flight back to his beloved Amy. It's been called "the most unbelievable story you'll ever believe in." Story and songs were written by Payne and partner Guy Randle.

Marvin Payne blends the skill acquired in the creation of fourteen albums of his original songs, writing for several internationally-known artists, and acting in a broad range of plays and films to make this one-man stage fantasy fly.

"Planemaker" soars with wit and sensitivity. Payne has an unusual ability to communicate feelings, whether it be with his expressive eyes, his excellent timing in delivering lines, or his vocals. The script requires Payne to bounce back and forth between the roles, but bounce he does not. The transitions are more like the smooth, quiet meshing of gears. He is on the stage for nearly 90 minutes non-stop, and the audience's attention is riveted to this master storyteller.
--Laurie Williams Sowby, Deseret News