Once upon a time (right now, in fact), there was a place called Peace Mountain, a place for grand storytelling and fantasy worlds where values come alive for kids. Pop in an audio recording from this fountain of musical adventures and let your mind do its wonderful work. Theatre of the imagination!

You see, we at Peace Mountain Mediaworks have a couple dozen children among us, including ourselves. ("Ourselves" includes Marvin Payne, Steven Kapp Perry, and Roger and Melanie Hoffman.) We know what it feels like to bellyache and whine our way to Grandma's in the family van. These recordings will magically replace the whines of the kids with the cries of gulls, pounding swells, sweeping music, and sails snapping in the wind overhead, as your child captains the good ship "Self-reliance" toward the Island Tower, where mystery awaits! Or imagine a peaceful bedtime (yes, even for you!) with all the kids drifting off to sleep, heads filled with fun songs, characters, and feelings that lift and empower. This is our investment in your "happily ever after."

Unite your family with engaging learning and laughter (Yes, we offer a solid guarantee that even you will laugh--and nothing's sweeter than a child and its grown-up laughing together). Explore the perfect teaching tools for travel time, bedtime, anytime! Welcome to Peace Mountain!


        "We're the Scripture Scouts!" says Baby. "And we love to read the scriptures and act them out in our treehouse," says Skyler. "And best of all, we love sing about our adventures," says Sue. "So join the club and sing along!" says Boo, the baritone hound.

        Children who once imagined themselves in the magic treehouse with Boo and the Scripture Scouts are now looking for those same adventures to share with their own children. Well, they're right here! Four great sets of adventures.

Adventures in The Book Of Mormon, by Marvin Payne and Roger and Melanie Hoffman

Adventures in The New Testament, by Marvin Payne, Janice Kapp Perry, and Steven Kapp Perry

Adventures in The Old Testament, by Marvin Payne and Natalie Sleeth

Adventures in The Articles Of Faith, by Marvin Payne, all the Perrys, and all the Hoffmans

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  The Allabout Family, Dad, Mom, Kids, Grandma, Uncle Archie, Cousin Beans, find themselves out in the woods, deep in a cave, digging for treasure, visiting a mysterious candlemaker, learning together about


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        Alexander is a pretty ordinary kid with pretty ordinary problems, like how to tell the truth, how to respect people, how to be friendly and kind, stuff like that. But when the carpet in the school library starts to turn to grass and the table legs to trees and he suddenly wakes up as the lost prince of Inland, the sparks begin to fly and the adventures begin, teaching him the values he needs to save his imaginary kingdom. Follow Alexander and his slow but wise sidekick Theo the tortoise through the values around which Richard and Linda Eyre built their nationally best-selling book, "Teaching Your Children Values." They wrote that book for the parents. They asked Marvin Payne, Steven Kapp Perry, and Roger and Melanie Hoffman for these audio adventures for the kids. There are wonderful songs along the way, and values commercials that will make you laugh, or your money back. The adventures are













[YET ANOTHER FLASH!: These, too, have just been released on CD! Watch right here for info on how to get them!]

(A night-time audio survival kit.)
        Murphy, the mouse, is having trouble goint to sleep. He's afraid of all the things kids worry about at bedtime--being alone, the dark, bad dreams, not be able to sleep, missing something while he sleeps. His pal Lou, the rhinocerous, introduces Murphy to the wonderful Goodnight Lady, who has lots of gentle songs and mind-pictures and memory games to take Murphy's mind off his worries. Meanwhile, their friend, your child, drifts off to sleep with sweet and positive pictures and thoughts invoked by constructive and clever songs that carry good values straight to the heart.

        A second tape overlays bedtime songs with happy bedtime thoughts. By Marvin Payne, Steven Kapp Perry, and Roger and Melanie Hoffman, who among them share a great respect for sleep.


(A Family Audio Survival Kit)
        A fairly typical family is cruising down the highway deep into boredom and on the verge of upset when a wacky migrating goose gets tired and crash-lands in their back seat. Being an expert on making travel fun, the goose is full of games, jokes, stories, and songs that melt the difficult miles between here and anywhere. Even Murphy, the mouse who hides out in the glove-box and really really hates driving, joins in the fun. And everybody arrives refreshed, and actually enjoying each other!

        A second tape has the songs with just instruments--you be the singer! By Marvin Payne, Steven Kapp Perry, and Roger and Melanie Hoffman.

[These have not just been released on CD! Don't watch right here for info on how to get them!] Actually, the distribution of these products is currently "up in the air." I'll let you know when and where they land.